Helping manufacturers and retailers connect with consumers

Mavin Technologies supports three primary constituents in the production, distribution and sale of consumer branded goods: the manufacturer, the retailer, and the consumer. We bring value to all three by placing Enterprise Decision Management at the center of their relationship.

Through EDM, MT provides manufacturers and retailers with unprecedented vision and the ability to translate high-level strategies into consistent decision-making across large and complex organizations. These insight and decisioning capabilities drive enhanced cooperation and superior business performance. MT offers expertise and offerings for Consumer Branded Goods , including solutions for Direct-to-Consumer Marketing. And we offer solutions for Retail , including solutions for Retail Marketing , Merchandising , Store Credit Management , and Online Fraud Detection

Consumer Branded Goods:

EDM for Consumer Brand Goods:Support for manufacturers in marketing and sales

While Mavin Technologies EDM technology can serve consumer branded goods manufacturers in many ways, many have found success particularly in marketing – understanding, communicating, and delivering value to consumers; and in sales – maximizing the productivity of relationships with distribution channels.

  • In marketing, powerful optimization techniques can set the mix of advertising spend by brand and category to deliver the highest ROI. Mavin Technologies EDM can also help manufacturers connect directly with consumers, collect information about their preferences and behaviors, and perfect the relationship over time by delivering timely and relevant messages and offers.
  • In sales, our EDM helps manufacturers optimize and manage funds spent with retail partners in trade promotion and other channel activities. We help them achieve powerful insights into the nature of consumer purchasing behaviors to serve as the basis for category management.

For Consumer Branded Goods Manufacturers, we have specialized expertise and offerings in Direct-to-Consumer Marketing.

EDM for Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Establishing a better Connection with consumers

Consumer Branded Goods manufacturers face an advertising environment that is increasingly complex. Channels for reaching consumers are ever more fragmented, not only in single media like television and print, but also across an ever broadening range of media types, including the internet and online social networking activities, mobile phones, and even embedded in games

Manufacturers also face growing challenges from the retail industry, which is rapidly consolidating and taking advantage of its intimate knowledge of customer preferences and behaviors to introduce their own private label brands and squeeze manufacturers’ margins

Mavin Technologies EDM for Direct-to-Consumer Marketing addresses these issues by helping manufacturers in three specific ways

  • Connect directly with consumers and establish strong relationships that can form the basis for successful marketing programs
  • Collect information about these consumers which can inform the execution of more effective marketing strategies
  • Perfect the relationship with these consumers

The cornerstone of our EDM for Direct-to-Consumer Marketing solutions is the Marketing Decision Manager , a suite of capabilities which can help consumer marketers create and enhance a rich, interactive, affinity-building experience for consumers. Experience dramatic increases in consumption among marketing program participants

  • Drive down the costs of traditional offline marketing activities – such as couponing, promotions, and consumer research-by moving them online
  • Execute literally billions of decisions annually to support personalized interactions with millions of registered consumers
  • Base consumer marketing actions on extensive customer data and the use of sophisticated marketing analytics


EDM for Retail:
Support for making, merchandising, credit management and fraud detection

In addition to coordinating their interactions with manufacturers, retailers apply MT Enterprise Decision Management to drive a Customer Centric approach to their business

Customer Centricity involves designing and delivering the marketing, sales, and service experience to distinct market segments in very different ways. EDM helps retailers apply Customer Centric approaches consistently across the organization, and is an important contributor to same-store sales growth.

  • In marketing , EDM helps retailers more precisely target and tailor offers and messages to acquire, develop and retain profitable customer relationships.
  • In merchandising , insights from EDM help retailers offer consumers an appealing, well-priced assortment of merchandise that maximizes the productivity of shelf space.
  • In fraud and loss prevention , EDM’s analytic capabilities can minimize theft and fraud losses without undue effects on customer and employee goodwill.
  • And in financial services , EDM applications can facilitate retail sales through associated offers of credit, while minimizing losses due to bad debt.

In addition to the general capabilities of Enterprise Decision Management, MT has specialized expertise and offerings in Retail Marketing Merchandising , Store Credit Management , and Online Fraud Detection.


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