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In virtually every respect, recruiting high – caliber talent has become more complicated, more time -consuming, and more critical to a corporation’s success than ever before. As a partner, MT leverages a company’s hiring efforts in order to improve performance and create a distinct competitive advantage. Through its staffing and consulting divisions, MT offers the following primary services.

Contract Services:

Clients turn to contract services to augment core staff in a variety of circumstances, such as business expansion, project overload, and technology implementation. We deliver both short-term and project-oriented staffing solutions, as customer needs dictate.


This services option allows a client to evaluate a candidate’s capabilities and compatibility before making a permanent hiring decision. At the same time, the candidate has an on-the-job evaluation period to evaluate his or her potential role and fit within the organization.

Professional Search:

Placement Specialists excel at searching, screening and interviewing to meet clients’ full-time, permanent hiring needs. Through targeted recruiting, MT locates individuals who can make both an immediate and long-lasting contribution to our clients’ success.

Consulting Resources:

MT”s consulting services help clients manage shifting priories and achieve their strategic business plans. We develop and implement strategic and operational solutions that add value and deliver results.

Managed-Staffing Partnership:

MT creates managed-staffing partnerships, designed up front with measurable standards that determine a program’s success. These fully-integrated engagements provide a quantitative approach to analyze a firm’s staffing strategy and manage the business of hiring.

Strategic Operations:

We maintain a strategic operations team, which manages the complexities of staffing high-volume, or multi-site engagements. This team provides a value-added approach which complements our divisions’ recruiting network.


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