Manufacturing industry faces many challenges nowadays including need to:

  • Enhance Operational efficiency
  • Have better control and monitoring of production processes
  • Reduce dependency on human power)
  • have higher flexibility
  • sharp focus on customer support
  • have data / information for strategic decisions

These challenges severely affect manufacturing industries ability to compete, sustain and win market share

To address these challenges Mavin Technologies leverages its vast experience in software product life cycle management & offers following services to manufacturing companies:

  • Consulting services for automation of Product manufacturing life cycle.
  • Migration of legacy application into latest technologies such as .NET and J2EE for better efficiency
  • Maintenance and Support Services for all IT infrastructure
  • Customized product development for all production processes
  • Consultancy for integration with Hardware and other platforms
  • Development of software tools such as Document management application, customized accounting packages to increase efficiency Engineering services outsourcing

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