We can build decision power into any enterprise. If your decisions demand precision, consistency and agility, call on Mavin Technologies. From rules management to analytics, marketing to process management, we’ll change the way you decide.

In many industries today, companies are approaching “the decision barrier”: the point at which decision complexity, speed, change and manageability are an obstacle to business success. In some instances, it’s not only difficult to improve decision making, but to even grasp how decisions are being made now. Managers are losing control over this fundamental aspect of their business.

Mavin Technologies helps businesses across a wide range of industries break through the barrier. With our Enterprise Decision Management technology and processes, Mavin Technologies supports decision improvement on every front. Our EDM solutions – comprised of customizable combinations of analytics, business rules, automation and consulting – can support you in all aspects of managing automated decision design and deployment. We can help you develop business control strategies that drive more precise, consistent, agile, fast and cost-effective decisions.

With EDM you can:

  • Rapidly build rules-based applications to automate decisioning or guide decision makers, and deploy them into almost any operating environment
  • Inject predictive and decisioning analytics into your rules-based applications, increasing their potency and value
  • Provide decisioning services to legacy systems, expanding their capabilities while minimizing technical risk.
  • Combine business rules, predictive models and optimized strategies flexibly into state-of-the-art decision management applications.
  • Accelerate the uptake of learning from decision criteria into strategy design, execution and refinement

Mavin Technologies also has extensive experience in helping businesses solve specific business challenges and address common business needs. We offer a number of solutions and approaches in:

  • Claims Management and Bill Review
  • Collections & Recovery
  • Customer and Account Management
  • Fraud Management
  • Originations
  • Precision Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Other: Custom Design Solutions

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